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The Restaurant was founded in 1950, and in 1988 Mr Giuseppe Massa take ownership and in 1999  decided to renovate a space in a palace of sixteenth century, located in the ancient Roman district called “Borgo”. Because of its wooden ceilings, vaults and medieval style, it seemed the perfect place where to host and run a traditional Italian cuisine Restaurant. In 2003 take ownership son Mr Carlo Massa and his wife Fatima Afonso .

The Restaurant takes its original name “Tre Pupazzi” (Three Puppets) from its location. In fact, it lies at the intersection between Borgo Pio and Tre Pupazzi Street.

Traditions and creativity blend together at Tre Pupazzi’s. As a matter of fact, here you can always taste both classics of Italian cuisine and new dishes. Furthermore, attention to quality and Customers is a priority.



Since 2010, Mr. Massa’s wife, Fatima Afonso, has been involved in the project, taking care of Portuguese cuisine. This kind of cuisine is absolutely new to Italy.

The Vatican Clergy, Tourists of all nationalities, as well as the Romans, appreciate our cuisine. Moreover, so many Portuguese people love to come over and taste their national dishes.

Everyday, Portuguese specialties are available both for lunch and dinner. Whether you wish to eat a good Pizza, or a fine gourmet dining, Tre Pupazzi Restaurant is the ideal place to go. The atmosphere is informal. Our Staff is always excited and happy to welcome you.

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